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Will My Final Dental Crown Fall Off Like the Temporary One?

Posted by AllSmiles

I am nervous about getting my permanent dental crown because the temporary one will not stay on. I got the crown in May, and it came off three times. Each time, my dentist bonded it back on. Should I ask my dentist to retake impressions of the tooth? – Thank you. Anvit from Silver Springs, MD


Thank you for your question. Your concerns are valid; we recommend waiting before you get a final crown.

Is It Normal for Temporary Crowns to Fall Off?

Although a temporary crown may fall off, it is unusual to fall off three times within two months. Your dentist may have taken wrong impressions of your tooth or over-prepared it so the crown will not stay on.

Over-preparing a tooth for a crown

If a dentist aggressively prepares your tooth, it will not leave enough tooth structure for securing your crown. Strong dental cement will not keep the crown on because it may be so much larger than the tooth beneath it that the crown is not secure.

Inaccurate tooth impressions

It is not unusual for a dentist to take incorrect tooth impressions. Sometimes fluid oozes around the impression and contaminates it. A dentist must examine the impression to look for mistakes and retake the impression as needed.

Can You Switch Dentists for a New Crown?

Diagram of a same-day-crown hovering over a molar tooth
A same-day crown may be the solution for you

Your temporary crown is the model that the dental lab will use for your final crown. If your temporary crown does not fit well, neither will your final crown. At this point, you can ask your dentist for a refund and a copy of your dental records. Look for an experienced cosmetic dentist to examine your tooth and take accurate impressions for a crown that looks natural and fits precisely.


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