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Moline Affordable Dental Implants

If you have removable dentures, you have some understanding of their drawbacks. For one thing, your chewing efficiency is greatly reduced. While the upper denture is held in somewhat securely by suction, the lower just rests on your gums and moves around when you talk and chew. Second, once your teeth are all gone, your body begins to resorb the jawbone, and you begin to experience facial collapse. Your lower face sinks in, giving you the appearance of age, and you have less jawbone to support the denture making it more and more uncomfortable as years go by.

Close up of snap on dentures

Implants solve these problems. They secure the denture so it doesn’t move around, and the presence of implants stimulates the bone that surrounds them to prevent its resorption. But, implants can be expensive. Typically an implant-supported denture will be secured by four or six implants, and the cost can add up.

Snap-On Dentures as an Affordable Option

Be careful if you are looking for implant dentistry bargains. Dental implants are the most common subject of current dental malpractice litigation in large part because of this issue—people trying to cut corners to save money. Dental implantology is not an officially recognized specialty, and many dentists are trying to enter the field without complete training. But, there is a way to save money on implant-retained drawing of a lower denture being placed over two implants toward the front of a lower jawdentures without sacrificing quality surgical and restorative services, and that is to retain the denture with two implants rather than four or six. The service is called a snap-on denture, as pictured to the left. While the back edge of the denture can move up and down, so this isn’t as secure as using four or six implants, the denture won’t float or slide around, and the presence of two implants will prevent bone resorption in the area of the implants. And you can save about half the cost.

What Can You Expect?

  • Dr. Goebel will review your health history and do a thorough exam.
  • He will take x-rays and 3-D images.
  • Dr. Goebel will refer you to a surgical specialist who has advanced training in the placement of the implants. This specialist will perform the surgery of placing the implants.
  • If you want, you can be given a provisional denture to wear during the healing period. During this period, your bone will fuse with the implants, a process called osseointegration.
  • After the healing period, you’ll try on your new teeth to make sure they fit correctly and you are happy with them.
  • Affordable dental implants stimulate and preserve jawbone, which promotes oral health and prevents facial sagging.

If you are interested in high-quality, affordable dental implants to stabilize your dentures, call us to schedule an appointment or you can request an appointment online.