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My tooth is turning dark, but my dentist is not concerned

My right incisor is turning dark, but my dentist is not concerned about doing anything to it. She says that it is not that bad. I have a small smiling in the corner of the tooth to replace a chipped-off piece. But I was 17 years old when it happened. Now, I am 47, and […]


My new crown has been hurting for months

In January, my dentist put a crown over a top left molar that was cracked, sensitive, and had an old silver filling in it. During the procedure, my dentist had trouble getting the tooth numb, so drilling it was quite painful. When the dentist checked my bite, I told her that it hurt to chew […]


New crown fell off 4 times, and my dentist charged me for it

My dentist removed a large silver filling from a top left molar and put a crown over the tooth. My temporary crown came off three times within the almost three weeks that I wore it. Of course, my dentist reattached it each time. I received the permanent crown in mid-January, and I have returned to […]