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Did Zoom Whitening Impair My Taste?

Ever since I got Zoom whitening in August, my taste has been impaired. Sometimes it goes away completely. I am not sure what the process did because the bleach was not on my tongue, and the dentist kept rinsing my teeth after each session. I don’t understand it. What is there about the Zoom process […]


My Front Tooth Implant Makes My Gums Uneven

After getting an implant for my left front tooth, the gumline is still higher than my other teeth. My dentist said that the temporary crown would give my gumline a chance to settle, but it has been almost three months, and the unevenness makes my $5,400 implant look fake. Is this issue likely to resolve […]


What Can I Do About Tooth and Gum Pain from Acid Reflux?

I was diagnosed with GERD earlier this year. I’ve been on and off medication, but now I am changing my diet and doing other things to minimize the problem. My gums burn, and my teeth are so sensitive that it hurts to chew food. Two weeks ago, I saw my dentist, and she said that […]