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How many times can my dentist replace my implant crown?

How many times can my dentist replace my implant crown without causing implant failure? My dentist says that getting the color right on my implant crowns is challenging. She said that after changing the crowns twice, I should be happy that the implants are still stable. Am I at risk for dental implant failure? I […]


Should my new overdentures hurt?

My dentist told me to expect some pain after getting implant overdentures, but it has been almost a week, and I am still in pain. I paid $36,000 for pain and now feel like I made a mistake. I had no teeth at all, but now I have a mouth full of teeth that hurt. […]


What is this weird sensation I feel with my new dental crown?

I have a new crown but feel a strange sensation in it. After I received the crown in mid-July, I returned to my dentist about the problem. My dentist said he could re-cement the crown or make a new one. I thought that it was better to choose a new crown. The new crown was […]