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Moline Same-Day Crowns

Woman in dental shair getting her teeth scanned for a CEREC same-day crownA same-day crown can restore a severely worn or broken tooth—or replace a failing crown—while you wait in the dental office. And the results look natural.

What Is a Same-Day Crown?

A same-day crown is a dental restoration made with in-office CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology.  At Goebel Family Dentistry, we use CEREC® technology to complete every phase of tooth restoration, from taking digital impressions of your teeth to placing a precisely fitting dental crown.

When Are Same-Day Crowns Used?

If you have a weak, badly worn, cracked, or decayed molar (back) tooth, Dr. Goebel  may use a same-day crown to restore it. Our in-office CEREC technology helps us craft a custom crown for you in one visit. The results are fast and natural looking. If you need a front tooth restored, Dr. Goebel prefers working with his ceramist to craft a highly aesthetic crown with a layer of porcelain that perfectly matches the translucence of your natural teeth.

What Is the Process?

Dr. Goebel uses the steps below to restore a tooth with same-day crown:

  • Taper your natural tooth to ensure the crown will fit over it
  • Use a handheld scanner to take digital impressions of your teeth and create a 3-D model of them
  • Transfer the model to the CEREC milling machine
  • Choose a ceramic block that closely matches your tooth color and place it in the milling machine
  • Use the digital model as a pattern for crafting the block into a precisely fitting crown
  • Add finishing touches to ensure the crown looks natural
  • Place your same-day crown on your tooth and check your bite
  • Bond the crown to your tooth if you approve the way it looks and feels

Same-Day vs. Traditional Crowns

Photo of CEREC same-day crown and milling machine
CEREC dental scanner and milling machine

One visit – We will prepare your tooth, take impressions of it, craft the crown, and bond it to your tooth in our office—in one visit.

No temporary crown needed – Besides tending to be uncomfortable, temporary crowns are designed to come off easily. That means they can come off prematurely, an unpleasant annoyance.

Metal free – Same-day crowns are high-strength ceramic. There will be no metal sensitivity, and a dark line from the metal will not eventually show through near your gumline.



How to Take Care of Your Same-Day Crown

Treat your same-day crown like a natural tooth:

  • Brush twice daily
  • Floss daily
  • Avoid biting hard or sharp objects
  • Please tell us if you clench your grind your teeth. Dr. Goebel can make a custom night guard for you to wear and protect your teeth while you sleep.
  • Keep your dental exam and hygiene appointments

If you are interested in a CEREC same-day crown, call our office for an appointment or complete our Request an Appointment form.