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  • Man Wearing Hat Smiling Smiling is Good for You Smiling is Good for You! - Smiling influences how others perceive us. Many studies have shown that smiling makes you appear more attractive and confident. You’ve also likely heard, that sharing a smile with another person can help them to feel happier. You know the old Frank Sinatra song, “When you’re smilin’, when you’re smilin’, the whole world smiles with you.” […]
  • Young girl in dental chair using hands to speak. Conversation bubble with text stating 25 dentist jokes for kids. 25 Dentist Jokes for Kids - It’s true: laughter really can be the best medicine!   We love how even the cheesiest jokes, when told to a child, can result in full-on belly giggles.  One of our favorite things is seeing a child laugh and show off their healthy smile.  We’ve compiled a list of some of the silliest dentist jokes we’ve […]
  • Back to School Teeth Tips Back to School Tips for Teeth - Are you ready for back to school? It sure sneaks up on us before we know it! After a fun summer, parents and students alike face the fact that they must switch gears a little and settle back into a school year routine. Did you know that children who have poor oral health often miss […]
  • Woman in Straw Hat Smiling. Text: Get Away! But don't forget about your teeth! Get Away, But Don’t Forget About Your Teeth! Travel Tips for Oral Health - Spring and Summer are usually very popular seasons for people to travel. As things begin to open back up as people are vaccinated, more people are looking to get out and about. Do you have an upcoming trip planned? We want to remind you not to forget about your oral health while traveling. We’ve compiled […]
  • Arrows Showing True or False With Feet 10 Common Dental Myths & Misconceptions - There is so much advice available online on any given subject. Unfortunately, not all the advice you read is true. It might not be entirely false, but it can certainly be misleading. There seem to be many misconceptions out there about oral health. We hear them all the time! We’ll talk about some of the […]