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Why is my dentist pushing veneers for the gap between my front teeth?

I’ve always loved the gap between my front teeth. And people compliment me on my smile. But as I age, the gap is getting wider. I think that within the next two years, it will be large enough for another tooth to fit in the space. During my dental cleaning a year ago, I talked […]


My tooth is turning dark, but my dentist is not concerned

My right incisor is turning dark, but my dentist is not concerned about doing anything to it. She says that it is not that bad. I have a small smiling in the corner of the tooth to replace a chipped-off piece. But I was 17 years old when it happened. Now, I am 47, and […]


My dentist can’t match bonding to my whitened teeth

I decided to get Zoom whitening before dental bonding because my teeth were dull. I needed the bonding because I had sensitivity near my gumline. So my dentist completed Zoom, and we waited to see if my teeth were white enough, then she did a repeat office treatment. I loved the whiteness of my teeth, […]