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Can I see an emergency dentist and get a new crown right away?

My old crown fell off my left front teeth, and I think I need a new one. I’m going out of town next Friday to visit my family in NY. I will be gone until January. If I can get in to see an emergency dentist, will I be able to get a new crown […]


My dentist hit my tooth hard, and now it’s turning gray

My tooth is turning gray because my dentist injured it while removing by lingual braces. She apologized many times and took an x-ray. The said the x-ray was fine. But now my tooth is turning gray. My dentist referred me to an endodontist who did a sensitivity test on my tooth and tooth x-rays. Then […]


My New Dentures Are So Uncomfortable

In late December of last year, I received new dentures and they are so uncomfortable. The cost made me almost sure that they would be beautiful. And after being reassured by my dentist that they would be beyond my expectations, I had no doubts. But reality has hit, and I am almost in tears. The […]