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Can I see an emergency dentist and get a new crown right away?

My old crown fell off my left front teeth, and I think I need a new one. I’m going out of town next Friday to visit my family in NY. I will be gone until January. If I can get in to see an emergency dentist, will I be able to get a new crown within the next three days? I don’t want to take the risk of being out of town with a loose crown and having my vacation ruined. Thanks. Ezra from Colorado

Same-day crown CAD/CAM computer with scanner
CAD/CAN same-day crown technology is beneficial but not right for every case

Ezra– An emergency dentist will examine your crown and bond it back to your natural tooth if possible. Unless the emergency dentist provides same-day crowns—and you are a candidate for one—it is unlikely that you will be able to get a new crown right away. And still, the dentist may not have time in their schedule to make the crown during your visit.

Is a Same-Day Crown the Best Option for a Front Tooth?

Additionally, the location of the crowned tooth affects the type of crown that is best to use as a replacement. If a front tooth is involved, a porcelain crown made by a laboratory will produce more natural-looking results than a crown that a dentist completes the same day. A ceramist at a lab can add a layer of porcelain over a crown to ensure it looks like a natural tooth.

If you have a dentist that you regularly see, schedule an appointment with your current dentist instead of visiting an emergency dentist. Dentists arrange time in their daily schedules for emergency appointments. They will see you promptly and be able to make a recommendation for you.

You can likely receive a temporary crown to protect your tooth. A durable temporary crown can last for months. It can help you avoid making a rushed decision that you may later regret.

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My dentist hit my tooth hard, and now it’s turning gray

Man holding the side of his mouth, portraying tooth injury and need for a veneerMy tooth is turning gray because my dentist injured it while removing by lingual braces. She apologized many times and took an x-ray. The said the x-ray was fine. But now my tooth is turning gray. My dentist referred me to an endodontist who did a sensitivity test on my tooth and tooth x-rays. Then the endodontist said that I need root canal treatment because the tooth is dying. He uses something called Gentle Wave.

I did not schedule an appointment for the procedure yet because I am concerned about how the tooth will look afterward. Is root canal the only resolution?  Is it possible that I will need a porcelain veneer? Although my dentist is going to pay for everything, it still bothers me that my tooth is damaged to this extent. – Thanks for your help. Christopher from Medina, OH


Thank you for choosing our office for your question.

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

You need root canal treatment if a tooth is infected, dying, or dead. Without the procedure, the issue will progress, and you will eventually lose the tooth. Untreated tooth trauma has the following progression:

  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Lack of room inside a tooth for swelling
  • The living tissue becomes diseased, chokes, and dies

Your endodontist took an x-ray, which shows signs of diseased pulp and completed a sensitivity test. You can move forward with root canal treatment.

An Alternative to Traditional Root Canal Treatment

Your endodontist prefers GentleWave®, an alternative to traditional root canal treamtent. GentleWave has several advantages:

  • It is less invasive than traditional root canal treatment.
  • Multiple acoustic frequencies spin cleaning fluid through a tooth
  • The fluid reaches the deep into tooth roots where root canal tools sometimes cannot.
  • The procedure is less invasive than traditional root canal treatment and helps you heal faster.

An advanced cosmetic dentist can examine your tooth and determine if internal bleaching or some other treatment can lighten your tooth color. Dental bonding is less invasive than a porcelain veneer, so if you need it, a cosmetic dentist can achieve beautiful results.

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My New Dentures Are So Uncomfortable

Woman portraying concern over uncomfortable dentures and replacing them with overdenturesIn late December of last year, I received new dentures and they are so uncomfortable. The cost made me almost sure that they would be beautiful. And after being reassured by my dentist that they would be beyond my expectations, I had no doubts. But reality has hit, and I am almost in tears. The dentures are so very uncomfortable, and they look fake.

When I look in the mirror at my smile, I’m embarrassed. At this point, there is no way that I can afford to replace my teeth with implants, but I am so very unhappy that I must do something about it. I’ve been doing some research, and I read about overdentures. How much do they cost? And what supports them? – Eileen C., Florida

Eileen –

Thank you for your question.

You have two significant concerns with your dentures. They are uncomfortable, and they don’t look natural. An artistic cosmetic dentist can help. It is possible to get natural-looking dentures that complement your facial features. A cosmetic dentist will listen to your preferences and design dentures that match them.

How Are Overdentures Supported?

Dental implants support an overdenture. You will need at least two implants to keep your denture in place. The process works like this:

  • An implant dentist will make a small opening to insert implants on both sides of your jawbone.
  • The dentist will have a lab to make your custom denture. And grooves in the base of the denture will attach to the implants.
  • After about four months of healing, your dentist will secure the denture to the implants.

How Much Do Implant Overdentures Cost?

The cost of implant dentures depends on the options you choose. Factors that affect your cost include:

  • Type of implants you receive (mini vs. standard) $1,000 – $3,000 per implant
  • Number of implants you receive
  • Bone grafting, if needed: $600 – $2,000
  • Quality of your denture: $700 to $3,000

Other fees include the surgical procedure, supplies, and any treatment needed to improve your oral health and prepare you for implant dentures.

How Long Do Implant Overdentures Last?

The implants for implant overdentures can last decades—even a lifetime. But you will need to replace the denture that the implants support. A high-quality denture lasts five to ten years. Implant overdentures will feel more like your natural teeth than removable dentures. And your ability to chew with them will improve. Even if you decide to stick with the removable dentures, look for an advanced cosmetic dentist who will ensure they are comfortable and beautiful.

Dr. Thomas J. Goebel, a family dentist in Moline, Illinois, sponsors this post. Dr. Goebel works closely with an oral surgeon or periodontist for implant surgery.