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Is it too late for implant dentures, and how long will they last?

If I have worn dentures for more than ten years, is it too late for implant dentures? My dentures are wearing out, and I think they will only last a few more months. It has been hard to get them to stay in place, too. So although implant dentures cost a lot, I’ve been considering […]


Can I Remove a Loose Dental Implant at Home?

I have a new implant and crown that I received almost three months ago. The implant is loose and irritating. I will see the dentist next week. Can I pull out the implant myself? – Thank you. Lyle from PA Lyle, Thank you for your inquiry. If you have a loose implant, we do not […]


Brown spots on my teeth and whitening makes them worse

Since childhood, I’ve had brown spots on six front teeth. I was told that the discoloration came from illness and frequent fever as a child. My dentist has tried whitening my teeth with different products. Although my teeth are whiter, the discoloration looks darker than ever. My dentist says that he may be able to […]