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CEREC Crown Feels Weird

I had a dental crown placed on an upper molar a few years ago that broke. I wanted if fixed quickly, so I went to a nearby dentist who did CEREC crowns. When the crown was done it felt very uncomfortable, almost like I had an oversized marble in that spot. My dentist said I should just give it time, but I didn’t remember the original crown feeling like this bulky. I started biting my tongue in my sleep and decided I have to go back. She did see that it was a bit bulky at that point and started to grind it down a bit. It still feels big after that and my tongue is still being bitten in my sleep. I don’t know what to do at this point. I thought that CEREC crowns were supposed to be good, but maybe I need the regular kind?


Dear Connie,

Photo of CEREC same-day crown and milling machine
CEREC dental scanner and milling machine

I am sorry you’ve ended up with two bad dentists in a row. First, your original crown should have lasted more than just a few years. Then, you end up with a dentist who does not understand either crowns or how to work the CEREC software. I don’t understand how she didn’t realize the crown was too bulky until you had to go back and point it out.

CEREC crows are generally more accurate because the dentist will scan the original tooth and and then the software can build up the crown based on the shape of the scan. In your case, she did not have the scan, but it is not hard to work the software to guide it in a way that it would build up the crown properly. She obviously did not know how to do that.

Her comment that you just need to “give it time” is very telling. When a crown is properly designed, you will not notice it at all. It will feel just like a healthy natural tooth. She should have known that too.

In your place, I would not trust her to get this right with the CEREC machine. It sounds like she is just now learning how to use the software. As much as you wanted to get this done fast, your best shot to get this fixed at this point is to either get a refund and go to a different dentist who does CEREC crowns or have this dentist do a traditional crown.

She absolutely should not leave it like this because not only can an improperly done crown can lead to TMJ disorder and biting your lip or tongue can lead to tumors. She needs to make this right one way or another.

This blog is brought to you by Moline Dentist Dr. Thomas Goebel.

Using Antibiotics for a Tooth Infection

Almost two weeks ago I went to the dentist for an infected tooth. It was pretty bad and even my cheek was swelling. He gave me some antibiotics, which I took in full. The swelling was almost gone. A few days later it started back up again. Do I go back to the dentist or do I just need a refill on my antibiotics?


Dear Peter,

Man holding his jaw in need of an emergency dentist

I think there was a miscommunication with your dentist. The antibiotic should have been just to get your tooth infection under control and tide you over until the infection can be properly dealt with. It is not meant to, nor can it, heal your infected tooth. The only way to cure a tooth infection is for a dentist to physically remove the infected tooth pulp. There are two ways to properly do this. The first is by extracting the tooth completely. This should be a last resort because natural tooth structure is always best; plus tooth replacements, especially the good ones, are expensive. The second option is a root canal treatment.

Hopefully, it was just a matter of you not hearing your dentist say that you would need a follow up appointment to do the real treatment, though the front desk should have mentioned it when you were checking out. If your dentist did not plan on any follow up treatment, then you need a new dentist because this one does not understand tooth infections.

It is particularly concerning that this started to get better and has now blown up again. I would consider this a dental emergency. Call your dentist as soon as the office is open and tell them what is going on. If they don’t get you in that day, then call around to some other dentists and see who will given the situation.

This blog is brought to you by Moline Dentist Dr. Thomas Goebel.