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How many days should I have pain after a repeat root canal?

I regret agreeing to root canal treatment from my new dentist. I went for an exam, cleaning, and Zoom whitening consultation. The dentist told me that an old filling in an upper left molar was cracked, and I had decay beneath it. I had no problems with the tooth, but the root canal was traumatic […]


Can I get dental implants with advanced gum disease?

I have advanced gum disease and lost 10 teeth. I fear that I am going to need all my teeth pulled and replaced with dentures or something else. Although I neglected my health, the thought of wearing dentures is unsettling. I’m 52 years old and have an active life. I read about dental implants. With […]


I want to replace my twice-broken flipper with a dental implant

Although I thought it was best to get a partial denture instead of a dental implant, I am disappointed with my dentist. I paid my dentist to extract my tooth and give me a partial denture. After I went for the appointment, he said he changed his mind and wanted to try a root canal […]