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Dental bonding for fluorosis stains keeps sliding off my teeth

I have fluorosis stains on my teeth, so my dentist recommended Zoom whitening and dental bonding. The Zoom whitening was because the teeth that are not stained were so yellow that he wanted all my teeth to have even color. My dental bonding is a mess and seems to just peel off like melting plastic. […]


Will I need bonding or porcelain veneers for uneven tooth edges?

I’m almost finished with braces, but my tooth edges are uneven. Can bonding fix this, or will I need porcelain veneers? Thanks, Emmie from Idaho   Emmie, An expert cosmetic dentist can correct uneven tooth edges with cosmetic bonding, cosmetic contouring (enameloplasty), or both. What’s the difference? Cosmetic bonding vs. Enameloplasty Cosmetic bonding applies dental […]


My dental crowns and bonding don’t match

I needed two old crowns replaced and some repairs for chips on three front teeth. My dentist placed CEREC crowns are on my left first and second molars. I’ve had this dentist for four years, but he never did any major work on my teeth. The crowns look great. But he placed the dental bonding […]