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My dental crowns and bonding don’t match

Posted by AllSmiles

I needed two old crowns replaced and some repairs for chips on three front teeth. My dentist placed CEREC crowns are on my left first and second molars. I’ve had this dentist for four years, but he never did any major work on my teeth. The crowns look great. But he placed the dental bonding three weeks ago, and it is the wrong color. And I am not sure how it happened, but my left front tooth is longer than the right one now, and the color on my incisors and canine teeth do not match the crowns.

I complained to my dentist about the color and the long tooth. At first, he told me to give it a week. When I went back to the office, he said that he would see what he can do. I scheduled an appointment for last week, but I canceled it because I am afraid that he will make my teeth look worse.

I chose this dentist because he is calm, and I have dental anxiety. But I can tell you that I am getting anxious about my teeth. My dentist does not sound confident that he can correct the bonding. If he can’t get the bonding right on the next try, will it hurt my teeth for another dentist to remove and replace the bonding? Thank you. Tiera from KS


Thank you for your question.

Dentists complete dental bonding by hand. Bonding is an artistic procedure with each tooth as the canvas. As an artist, a dentist must select and manipulate dental composite for the right color, texture, and translucence to match your surrounding teeth. A small number of dentists have artistic talent and advanced training to produces results that look like a natural tooth. Unfortunately, your description sounds like your dentist lacks the experience, creative talent, and training to achieve your desired results.

Cosmetic Dentists Are Persistent

Artistic cosmetic dentists take their art personally. They will not settle on a smile that looks okay. They listen to you and will not complete your case until you are happy with the results. Your dentist’s comments reflect that you can adjust to the way your teeth look or he will try again. But what if you do not like the results?

Can a Dentist Remove and Replace Dental Bonding?

A CEREC ceramic bloc for making same-day crowns
CEREC bloc for a crafting same-day crown. A cosmetic dentist can perfectly match your bonding and crowns.

An advanced cosmetic dentist can remove and replace dental bonding on your teeth. And a cosmetic dentist has the required tools to remove the bonding only without damaging your teeth. But if you think you might need to have another dentist redo the bonding, why not schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist? The dentist will examine your teeth and bonding and explain what they will do to ensure a perfect match with your CEREC crowns and surrounding teeth.

Thomas J. Goebel, DDS, a cosmetic dentist in Moline, IL sponsors this post.