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Which Implant and Crown Brands Should I Ask My Dentist to Use?

Posted by AllSmiles

I am searching for a cosmetic dentist because I need extensive work done. So far, I have had two consultations. One dentist recommended ten implants for upper teeth. The other dentist wants to do a CT scan before defining her treatment plan. I have a few questions about some of the research I have done.

  1. Are Astra implants from the UK a quality brand?
  2. Is there anything a top cosmetic dentist can do to give Cercon® smart zirconia crowns a more natural look? I have read that they are as strong as PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns.
  3. Is it true that white or gold metal is a good foundation for a crown and will not make my gum line dark?
  4. What looks better, zirconium or white abutments for dental implants?

Thanks for your help. I cannot seem to find the answers to those four questions. If the solutions are online, maybe I do not understand the technical terminology.

Thanks. Roman from Seattle


Our recommendation for any cosmetic dentistry patient is to focus on the dental artist instead of the dental materials. If you try to decide what is best for your smile, you will be directing your dentist. And that is not the right approach. Try to put yourself in the dentist’s position.

Reasons Not to Dictate to Your Cosmetic Dentist

Suppose you are an artist contracted to paint original works for a high-end corporate building. You consult with the building manager, who is not an artist, to find out what type of paintings she would like in the hallways. She gives you the information you need about the type of artwork to create, but she also gives you the following list:

  • Types, brands, and sizes of brushes
  • Paint brands and where to buy them
  • Which stool to use as you paint the pictures
  • The exact color palette for each painting

Although your signature will be on the paintings, the building manager’s list might negatively influence the results. Her micromanagement disregards your artistic talent and choice of materials, some of which are brands you prefer not to use. Her preferences make you uncomfortable.

An advanced cosmetic dentist is an artist with extensive training and experience in aesthetic dentistry. They know the factors that influence the health and beauty of your smile, including:

  1. Materials – Knowledge of the pros and cons of dental materials, their mechanics, and if they will work for your case
  2. Manufacturers – Ability to evaluate their claims about dental materials, products, and devices, and confirm that research supports the claims
  3. Clinical use – Understanding how materials, tools, or parts will function in an actual patient case
  4. Technique – Ability to predict how an element or component will work in the dentist’s hands based on their skill and experience

Which Metal-Based Crowns Will Not Show Through Your Gumline?

Neither porcelain-fused-to-white-metal nor porcelain-fused-to-gold crowns will prevent a dark line at the gumline. Consider a few facts:

  • The color of every metal used in porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crown is either white or gold.
  • A dark line at the gumline is the cement line.
  • When cosmetic dentists combine bonding techniques with pure ceramic—not metal color—it eliminates darkness at the gumline.
  • Another method to minimize the dark line is for the dental ceramist to cut back the metal at the margin and replace it with porcelain.


Dental implant complete with a crown and an unattached crown to the left of it
You will get natural-looking implant crowns from a cosmetic dentist

Zirconium oxide is an opaque white, but a ceramist can cover it with a translucent ceramic. You will have an extraordinarily strong crown that looks natural.

Choose an accredited cosmetic dentist who is experienced in implant dentistry, too. They will consider your case and choose high-quality materials that function well and look natural.


Dr. Thomas Goebel, a Moline, Illinois dentist, sponsors this post.