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What is this weird sensation I feel with my new dental crown?

Posted by AllSmiles

Brunette man holding the side of his face perhaps with a weird sensation in a dental crown or implantI have a new crown but feel a strange sensation in it. After I received the crown in mid-July, I returned to my dentist about the problem. My dentist said he could re-cement the crown or make a new one. I thought that it was better to choose a new crown. The new crown was ready in early August, but my bite still did not feel right. The tooth is not painful, but it feels strange. Am I going to need another new crown? I am beginning to wonder if this is an issue with the crown or if the crown preparation somehow damaged my tooth. Thanks for your help and advice. Darren from Idaho


When a dentist places your crown correctly, it should feel like a healthy natural tooth. You not notice that you have a crown. Sometimes, even bite adjustments are not enough to resolve the discomfort because the problem lies beneath the crown.

Uncomfortable New Dental Crown

If discomfort in your crown lingers, get a second opinion, and ask for an x-ray. Sometimes, decay beneath a crown can cause lingering discomfort. If the problem tooth previously had root canal treatment, you would not feel pain or have a toothache. Your symptoms might be vague and difficult to describe.

What Causes Tooth Decay Beneath Crowns?

Tooth decay beneath a crown can occur in these instances:

  • Bacteria or plaque gets trapped beneath the crown
  • Root canal failure
  • Lingering decay or infection that a dentist covers with a crown

Depending on the condition of your tooth and how much tooth structure is left, the second opinion dentist may recommend

After retreatment, your tooth and bite should be comfortable.


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