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My Implant Crown Is Still the Wrong Color

Posted by AllSmiles

After two tries, my dentist could not get the color right on my implant crown. He had me visit the lab to check the crown color. Both times, when the crown was ready, my dentist was hasty in attaching it. I cannot see well in his office. And in retrospect, I should have gone outside to look at my crown. It is still the wrong color. My current peak hurts, too. My dentist had difficulty getting it onto the implant, so I avoid chewing on the left side of my mouth. Although my dentist thinks I need time to adjust to the crown, I’m done with him. Still, I am a little nervous about finding another dentist and getting a new implant crown. Can I ask for a refund? Thanks. Dmitriy


We are sorry that you have a frustrating experience with your implant crown. Replacing a missing tooth with an implant should give you natural-looking results so that you cannot tell the difference between the implant and your natural teeth. That is one reason people choose implants.

When a Dentist Cannot Match Your Implant Crown to Your Teeth

Dental implant complete with a crown and an unattached crown to the left of itWhen your dentist cannot get your implant crown color right after several tries, they lack experience and training in cosmetic dentistry. Your dentist seems to have little interest in your comfort and how your implant looks. A dentist who takes pride in the work gets your opinion before cementing a crown. It is unusual to send a patient to the dental lab for color-matching, which implies that your dentist does not have confidence in his work.

Get a Second Opinion

You are wise to get a second opinion for replacing your implant crown. This time, look for a dentist with advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and restoring dental implants. You can expect the following:

  • Achieve a perfect color match for your crown
  • Replace the crown without damaging your implant
  • Ensure the implant crown fits well and is in harmony with your bite


You can begin by scheduling consultations with at least two implant dentists with advanced cosmetic dentistry training. After the consultation, you can choose a dentist. And yes, ask your dentist for a refund because he did not give you a functioning crown that matches your natural teeth. Your new dentist may be willing to help you request a refund.

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