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How many times can my dentist replace my implant crown?

Posted by AllSmiles

How many times can my dentist replace my implant crown without causing implant failure? My dentist says that getting the color right on my implant crowns is challenging. She said that after changing the crowns twice, I should be happy that the implants are still stable. Am I at risk for dental implant failure? I am concerned about my investment and my health. Thanks for your help. Jael from Chicago



We are sorry that you are having this experience with your dentist. We will explain the process and how you can find a dentist to match your crowns correctly. However, Dr. Goebel would need to examine your implant crowns for accurate diagnosis and treatment options.

Removing Implant Crowns Safely

A skilled dentist knows which tools to use to remove an implant crown without damaging the implant and risking failure.

Matching Implant Crowns

Without advanced cosmetic dentistry training, matching implant crowns is a challenge. Therefore, your dentist is unable to achieve natural-looking results.

Even a skilled cosmetic dentist must patiently achieve a perfect match. But cosmetic dentists who understand color matching take these steps:

  • Try-in crowns at least three times to ensure a match
  • Draw a color map for the ceramist
  • Specify a basic shade in the written instructions
  • Draw areas where the ceramist should add tints to match your natural tooth color
  • Use high-quality, digital photographs to take pictures of the try-in
  • Look for areas that need color adjustment and send details to the ceramist
  • Avoid cementing the crown unless the color match is perfect
Diagram of three phases of a dental implant: separate compoonent, implant screw in the bone, and the crown attached
Implant crowns should match your natural teeth

A general or family dentist is unlikely to go beyond finding a close match. They are often satisfied with making your crown look acceptable next to your natural teeth.

Schedule a Consultation with a Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist will take time to ensure the variations of tooth color and translucence in your natural teeth are replicated in your implant crown. Look for at least two advanced cosmetic dentists in your area and schedule consultations.


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