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Getting Porcelain Veneers While Pregnant

Posted by writeradmin

I am afraid I’ve screwed up big time and need some advice. Three days after completely finishing my porcelain veneers procedure I found out I was pregnant. I looked it up and you are not supposed to have dental work done in the first trimester of pregnancy. Is there anything I can do or is it too late?


Dear Lacey,

A porcelain veneer being held up to a tooth.

Take a deep breath. This is going to be okay. Dentists are told not to perform unnecessary dental work in the first trimester of a pregnancy because that is the most sensitive time for the baby and you don’t want to introduce chemicals that can be harmful. Fortunately, for you, the only chemical that should have been used in the porcelain veneers procedure is Lidocaine. This has already been approved for use during pregnancy and is even used in the delivery room. There should be no issues of adverse reactions with your baby.

So you know, you will be better off to schedule any regular dental work during the second trimester, so I’d get that appointment scheduled now. We have already discussed why we avoid the first trimester. We avoid the final trimester for the sake of your comfort, more than any actual safety issues. You’ll be a bit larger because you’ve got a whole baby you are holding on to. This tends to make it less comfortable for you to sit in a dental chair for any length of time.

The exception to avoiding dental work is if you have a dental emergency of some kind. It is important and infections, including dental infections, are treated promptly so you don’t have any lingering bacteria that can be passed to your child. You also want to keep up with your cleanings. Untreated gum disease is linked to low birth weight in babies. So, as much as you are probably exhausted right now and feeling a little nauseated, go ahead and schedule your cleaning.

If you end up dealing with a lot of morning sickness during your first trimester that leads to vomiting, call your dentist and ask about ways you can protect your teeth during those early months.

Congratulations on your new baby!
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