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Dental bonding for fluorosis stains keeps sliding off my teeth

Posted by AllSmiles

I have fluorosis stains on my teeth, so my dentist recommended Zoom whitening and dental bonding. The Zoom whitening was because the teeth that are not stained were so yellow that he wanted all my teeth to have even color. My dental bonding is a mess and seems to just peel off like melting plastic. My dentist is blaming the issue on my bite. Even after repeat bonding, it still falls off. The peeling bonding looks as bad as the fluorosis stains. I am done with my dentist but wondering if bonding is not the right thing for my teeth. What should I do? – Thank you. Angelica from Maine


We are sorry about your experience with your dentist. Fluorosis stains occur from consuming too much fluoride as a child while teeth are still developing. Fluorosis stains can be mild, moderate, or severe. Hiding the stains is challenging for most dentists, and only an experienced cosmetic dentist can

Mild Fluorosis

Mild fluorosis stains appear as white, blotchy stains on teeth. If you have mild stains, you may not need any treatment.

Moderate Fluorosis

Moderate stains can cover the entire fronts of teeth and make them blotchy.

Many patients suffering from very mild fluorosis may feel that no treatment is necessary. However, if the white spots become more extensive, they can cover the entire front surface of the teeth giving a mottled appearance to the teeth.

Severe Fluorosis

Severe fluorosis stains are white or brown and can cover teeth, detracting from your smile severely.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Fluorosis Stains

Not Zoom but Opalescence Boost in-office whitening applied to a patient's teeth
Teeth whitening before dental bonding can give your smile even color

Fluorosis stains often appear on the tooth enamel only. A skilled cosmetic dentist can conceal the stains with dental bonding. An advanced cosmetic dentist might use this process:

  • Grind out the discoloration
  • Apply a base layer to your teeth
  • Layer composite as required
  • Cure the composite
  • Polish your teeth

Your dentist did well to bleach your teeth so that the bonding would match. But if your dentist cannot get the bonding to adhere to your teeth, you need an advanced cosmetic dentist’s help. We recommend scheduling an appointment with a dentist who has advanced training and experience concealing fluorosis stains with bonding.

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