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Can I Switch Dentists In the Middle of My Dental implant Porcedure?

Posted by writeradmin

I’m not too thrilled with my implant dentist. I’m getting a dental implant and another tooth replaced with a Maryland Bridge. The bridge is done but it keeps falling off. This worries me. My dental implant case is planned out and I’m suposed to have the surgery in just a few days. However, I fear if he can’t do a dental bridge correctly, he will not be able to do the dental implant porcedure either. Is it too late to switch dentists for this?


Dear Sean,

Dental implant with components identified - crown, abutment, and root form

I share your concern about your dentist. A dental implant porcedure is much more advanced that a Maryland Bridge. Plus, there is much more training for a dental bridge in dental school than there is for dental implants. To do it well requires post-doctoral training. There are way too many dental implant horror stories as a result of patients going to inexperienced dentists for this procedure.

It is not too late to switch dentists. In fact, you can switch during any procedure at any time. Your dentist is ethically obligated to share all his diagnostics and notes with whichever dentist you end up choosing.

It’s good that you are thinking this through now instead of after the implant surgery, where you would risk dental implant failure.
By the way, a dental implant is a fantastic choice for a tooth replacement. When done well, they are the closest thing to having a healthy, natural tooth in your mouth again.

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