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Is a Bleeding Sore Under My Tongue an Emergency?

Posted by AllSmiles

I have a sore under my tongue that bleeds. It doesn’t bleed constantly, but maybe every few days. It doesn’t hurt. I noticed it a month ago when I was doing a Zoom whitening touch-up and taking my trays out of my mouth. Also, the sore is hard to see. At first, I couldn’t tell where the blood was coming from. Is this something that will heal in time, or do I need to see my dentist? My boyfriend keeps telling me to go to the doctor. Thanks. Charla from S. Carolina


You should call your dentist right away for an appointment.

Is a Sore Under Your Tongue Serious?

A sore under the tongue can be related to oral tissue, nerves under the tongue, or blood vessels. Most often, the growths are non-cancerous. Even when a growth is precancerous, early detection is the key to successful treatment.

If a sore appears and does not go away in a week or two, it is a reason to see your dentist. Your dentist is trained to examine the mouth and tongue for abnormalities and may want to remove the growth for a biopsy. The biopsy will evaluate the tissue to determine whether it is cancerous.

Custom teeth bleaching trays perhaps for Zoom whitening
Discontinue Zoom whitening touch-ups if you have unusual mouth sores

Blood vessels under the tongue can burst and cause abnormal and alarming bleeding. A dentist can cauterize the vessels to stop the bleeding. It is impossible to say what the growth is beneath your tongue without an examination. We recommend scheduling an appointment with your dentist right away.

Your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth, tongue, and throat. Also, your dentist will ask about your general health and any recent changes in your health, medication, or weight. Please discontinue your Zoom whitening touch-ups until you see your dentist.

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