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25 Dentist Jokes for Kids

Young girl in dental chair using hands to speak. Conversation bubble with text stating 25 dentist jokes for kids.It’s true: laughter really can be the best medicine!  

We love how even the cheesiest jokes, when told to a child, can result in full-on belly giggles.  One of our favorite things is seeing a child laugh and show off their healthy smile. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the silliest dentist jokes we’ve heard.  Share them with your child and maybe they’ll remember some of them to tell us on their next visit!

1.) Q: Which is the best day to go to the dentist? A: Tooth-day.

2.) Q: Which dinosaur is a dentist’s favorite? A: Flosso-raptor.

3.) Q: What do you call two dentists that are very different? A: Molar opposites.

4.) Q: Why did the deer go to the dentist? A: It had buck teeth.

5.) Q: What do you call a dentist that doesn’t like tea? A: Dentis.

6.) Q: What is a dentist’s favorite kind of boat? A: A tooth ferry.

7.) Q: Why did the donut go to the dentist? A: It needed a filling.

8.) Q: What job did the dentist have in the army? A: Drill sergeant.

9.) Q: Why did the golfer go to the dentist? A: He got a hole in one.

10.) Q: What kind of award did the dentist win? A: A little plaque.

11.) Q: What did one dentist say to the other dentist on a rollercoaster? A: Brace yourself.

12.) Q: Why did the queen go to the dentist? A: To get her teeth crowned.

13.) Q: What happened when a dentist went on a date with a manicurist? A: They fought tooth and nail.

14.) Q: Why did the smartphone go to the dentist? A: It had a bluetooth.

15.) Q: Where is a dentist’s favorite place to vacation? A: Flourida.

16.) Q: What did the lion eat after it had it’s teeth taken out? A: The dentist.

17) Q: What is a dentist’s favorite thing to talk about? A: Flossophy.

18.) Q: Why did the tree go to the dentist? A: It needed a root canal.

19.) Q: What did the dentist say to the judge? A: I promise to pull the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.

20.) Q: When is the best time to go to the dentist? A: Tooth-hurty.

21.) Q: What do dentist’s call their patients’ x-rays? A: Tooth-pics.

22.) Q: Why did the astronaut go to the dentist? A: She had a black hole.

23.) Q: What is the most dangerous job in Transylvania? A: Dracula’s dentist.

24.) Q: What is the dentist’s favorite movie? A: Plaque to the Future.

25.) Q: Why did the dog trainer go to the dentist? A: One of his canines was loose

Is your child ready to share some jokes and laugh with us?  Do you have any dental jokes of your own?  Schedule your next appointment!  We can’t wait to hear them!