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Will Dentures Change My Face Shape?

Posted by AllSmiles

After a year of treatment, my periodontist controlled advanced gum disease. My dentist recommends complete dentures because I have lost so many teeth that saving the few remaining teeth would not be healthy for me. I am concerned about having lost so much jawbone already. I know that my bone will shrink even more. I am worried about dentures and how they will change my face shape. What can I expect? Thank you. Penny from Fayetteville, NC



Thank you for your question. We understand your concerns about how complete dentures will affect your face shape.

Will Dentures Change Your Face Shape?

When you wear complete dentures, and all your natural teeth are missing, bone shrinkage occurs. A lack of bone to support your facial muscles can affect your face shape. Additionally, dentures rest on your jawbone and make the bone shrink faster. An article published by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry states that missing teeth cause the jawbone to shrink twenty-five percent in the first three months and up to fifty percent in the first six months.

How Can You Prevent Facial Changes with Dentures?

You can prevent facial changes with dentures by supporting them with dental implants. Implants are artificial tooth roots that stimulate the bone and help prevent shrinkage. Implant dentures can help you avoid premature shrinkage and facial sagging that makes you look older.

Will You Need Bone Grafting?

If gum disease affects your jawbone and causes deterioration, you may lack enough bone volume to support implants. During a consultation for implant overdentures, a dentist will take a 3-D CT scan to reveal your bone volume and oral anatomy. The dentist may recommend bone grafting before implant placement. When a patient requires extractions, it may be best to follow them with bone grafting and implant placement immediately.
Implant overdenture - snap-on denture with the denture hovering above the implants
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