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Severe Metal Allergies and Dental Work

Posted by writeradmin

I have pretty severe dental allergies including copper and tin. Because of that it was hard for me to get dental work done. I’ve have worked hard to take care of my teeth, but cavities happen. Most of the time I had to wait until the decay progressed until there was an infection or the tooth was too decayed to be viable. Then, I would extract the tooth. I understand that things have changed and I’m looking for advice on how to procede. I think there are non-metal fillings now. Are there other ways for me to replace the teeth I have lost as well, knowing I have metal allergies? I know about dental implants, but understand they are metal.


Dear Chris,

before and after mercury free fillings

I am concerned that you are not with the best dentist. We have had ways of treating people in your situation for years. Either your dentist does not keep up with his or her field or he or she does not care about saving teeth. I am sorry that you have not been getting the care you need and deserved.

First, lets talk about these cavities. There are composite fillings that are metal free. Even better, these are mercury-free fillings as well. You can get cavities taken care of in a way that will create no problems with your allergies. I would do that as soon as possible because you save so much more tooth structure, not to mention money, when a cavity is small.

There are also metal-free crowns as well for teeth that have more than 30% of the structure decayed. As for the teeth that cannot be saved, dental implants will be a good fit for you. None of the metal allergies you mentioned are in a traditional dental implants, which are made from titanium. This is very biocompatible and has been used for decades in prosthetics throughout the human body. However, if that worries you, there are also metal-free dental implants, made from zirconia.

What you need is a metal-free dentist. They don’t have to be holistic, but most holistic dentists are also metal-free.
I hope this helps.
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